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Web and Mobile Software Development

Web and Mobile Software Development

Some of you are planning to build an application or even add a mobile application to the web just to fulfill customer experience expectations and achieve better results in your business. Most of you have neither enough team resources nor technical background to do it quickly and in an effective way.
How we do software

Our Support - process description

How to achieve it? It is simple  - you need support!

We are your guidance through the whole process of product development including, but not limited to:

  • 01

    gathering requirements

  • 02

    UI/UX design

  • 03

    software development

  • 04

    designing infrastructure

  • 05

    testing and releasing your application

Services - web and mobile development

Our Support - information exchange


Furthermore, we ask dozens of questions to clarify ideas, consult the exact scope, and suggest improvements. All these activities are aimed at bringing the minimum viable product (MVP) to the market as quickly as possible. The goal is to gather real user’s feedback and improve plans and the application itself. So if you want to start a product, and you can confirm the above mentioned then We Are Ready.
Services - development team

Software Team Outsourcing

With high probability the reason you’re reading this is you’re planning to develop at least one of below-mentioned areas of your business activity (it also may be 3 of them simultaneously):

  • 01

    want to improve the efficiency of your business

  • 02

    make the user experience smoother

  • 03

    make it more profitable

Services - development team

Our support - areas of expertise

Development team possibilities

You can make it happen with our support. We are here to help you in building the team that will work with you, will build processes and know-how. With pleasure we’ll share our expertise and experience to strengthen your crew as:

  • 01

    Business analyst

  • 02

    Software developer

  • 03

    Quality assurance

  • 04

    DevOps / SysOps

  • 05


Services - web and mobile development

Our Support - influencing

Supporting your team

We are not only ready to speed up your development process, but also increase your agility, implement good practices, refactor existing code, provide missing skills or even train your own team. Choose one, reliable IT partner to manage the entire software development lifecycle process for you. From initial analysis to maintenance.


Technologies we use.

Every technology has pros & cons. There is no single technology that solves all the problems of the world. We, as a tech company, carefully picked them for you. We mainly work with (but not limited to):

Go (Golang) icon

Go (Golang)

What can we build with it:

  • effortless build API services
  • building web services
  • automation software
  • network & system programming

What advantages may it have for you:

  • resource cost effective
  • painless to scale up
  • has native concurrency model
  • provide mature package ecosystem
  • cross-platform language
  • rapidly being adopted as the go-to cloud native language
  • designed to handle a large number of competitive requests
React icon


What can we build with it:

  • building scalable web application
  • creating mobile and desktop applications
  • constructing micro-frontends

What advantages may it have for you:

  • building reusable UI components
  • blazingly fast modifies page content
  • easy to learn, easy to use
  • the ecosystem around it
  • comes with useful developer toolset
  • offers better code stability
  • it’s SEO friendly
NodeJS icon


What can we build with it:

  • building easy to maintain backends
  • rapid application development
  • build backends and frontends by same team

What advantages may it have for you:

  • possibility to share code with mobile and web applications
  • easy to learn and quick to adapt
  • a huge number of free tools & packages
  • allows rapid application development
  • the benefit of full stack JavaScript development
  • large community support

Code of conduct

Our clients work with us because we are highly skilled experts, taking ownership and care of quality. Experts, who have successfully launched dozens of web and mobile applications across the world. We know that our clients value our empathy, our transparent processes, and the way we communicate. We achieve this through the list of our best practices, which have been proven by experience. They reduce risk, reduce software delivery time, make it better and more efficient.

Maintain momentum and clarity among the team

Daily meetings keep speed of the project development. With minimal investment (15 minutes), they give the team synchronization, support from others, motivation and eliminate duplicate work.

Focus on the iteration goal

We divide the project implementation into shorter iterations (1-3 weeks). Together with you, by setting the goal of these sprints, we know that the work is going in the right direction, and you know what to expect from the product and from us.

Continuous process improvement

Every day we try to do better than yesterday. During the retrospective sessions, we think together, how we are able to do the next stage better than the previous one.

Providing Business Value

There are studies proving that shortening the lead time increases the probability of success. We assure you that everything will be technically ready to deploy on your command (at any time during the project life).

Acceptance Criteria

Each task done by us has clearly defined acceptance criteria. Thanks to this, we will not surprise you with the way the application works or the lack of any important aspect of the task. We assist you in writing down acceptance criteria, but when we go to the task, we know what we should provide. With clear acceptance criteria, we make better project decisions.

Automated tests

There is only one way to deliver value quickly - you have to do it well. Tests not only validate out work and lets avoiding bugs in future, but also design the code architecture. A rigorous approach to this topic is an investment that pays for itself very quickly.

High Code Quality

Code reviews, code quality tools and good practices allow us to maximize quality without increasing the workload. High quality means for you the possibility of software development in the future, but also no errors or limitations (e.g. performance limitations)

Automated integration

Human work is expensive, therefore we fully automate our processes, thus saving your time and money. Automatic Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes check whether the latest changes do not cause any errors, and make us able to deliver the latest version of the application to its end user at any time.

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