Software development cycle

Meet our way - Introduction

stage 1

Introduction to software product development

We're experts in software development (react.js, node.js, golang, etc) but of course, we are not all-knowing.
At the very beginning, we need to know the scope of your project.
As a Team of software engineers, as friends & family, we know ourselves like no one else. We do know what suits each of us the best and what programming task we can deliver to the end with the best possible quality.
Only that attitude let us meet your expectations.
Our bespoke software building experience, and our knowledge of project challenges we face every time, guarantee that our family members have the competencies you need. We assure you they will act for you as a team but not as a group of individuals.
Meet our way - Proposal

stage 2

Tailored Software Proposal

Our first meeting aim is to gather information from you. Everything necessary to build a smart, effective, smooth software project needs to be established so we can present to you:
  • early plan with stages
  • based on the same information process timeline
  • project team resources necessary to fulfill tasks smoothly
  • project costs
  • after-sales service description
All that so you can easily assess:
  • our ability of programming service delivery
  • your time availability
  • budget size
  • our credibility of being your partner
Meet our way - discovery

stage 3


During those common meetings, we rely on the whole bunch of tools necessary to build an exceptional knowledge base. This becomes a solid foundation of your genuine software and our guide-bible. There are some examples:
  • Team Canvas - setting up cooperation rules,
  • Product Vision -discover business goals and users needs,
  • Proto Persona - "buyer persona" description,
  • Event Storming - finding out what is happening in the domain of a software program,
  • User Story Mapping - user’s journey through your product,
Meet our way - development

stage 4


It is the time where we are craftsmen using reproducible methods, and being as close as possible to ask you about everything which matters in final product creation. For sure you can expect us to exchange a lot of opinions with you, cause this is the only way to enhance your business and meet your expectations
All phases before and present one give us a lot of confidence giving service fulfilling
  • our business methods and
  • outright fortifying yours
You can start the stopwatch. Count the weeks not months to get what you've waited for.
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