8th August 2021
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Why use Golang instead of other Programming Languages?

Przemyslaw Potoczny

Przemysław Potoczny

Why we use The Go language
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  • What is Golang?
  • Why Golang?
  • Advantages of Golang
  • What is Golang good for?
  • Who uses Golang?
  • What Differentiates Golang from other programming languages
  • Conclusion

What is Golang?

Golang also called Go is a robust system-level, open-source programming language. It is employed in the programming of big distributed systems and large-scale network servers. Golang was developed as a substitute to Java and C++ for app developers. It was created in the context of Google’s requirements for its distributed systems and network servers. Go emerged as an astonishing novel programming language having fully-packed solutions.

Google’s Ken Thompson, Robert Griesemer, and Rob Pike were the first to introduce Golang to the world in 2009. Their main goal was to create a programming language that can combine the top features of other languages, namely:

  • ensuring maximum use of multi-core power,
  • ensuring enhanced performance for networking,
  • ensuring high-level efficiency together with static typing,
  • providing state-of-the-art productivity with ease of use.

Why Golang?

Developers frequently affirm that Golang is great for developing projects that require high modularity, high security, and high speed. An example is the FinTech industry. Which is one of many that we cover with our services

This article focuses on what Golang is, its advantages, when to use it, and what differentiates it from other programming languages.

Advantages of Golang

Go brings a whole of advantages to developers and business owners. This is one of the responsible factors behind the language’s popularity worldwide. Equally, it is the major reason why Go has become important for companies and businesses around the world. Below are some Golang advantages:

Spend less money and time to build an app

When using Go lang for your project, you do not need a vast tech stack. Every app created using Go will naturally compile native machine codes. They also do not require any interpreter or virtual machine. This implies that Go apps will function faster. Thus, saving time and cost.

Easy to find Go experts for your apps.

Golang is becoming increasingly popular. In a developer survey conducted by Stack Overflow in 2018, Go was in the top five of the most wanted and most loved programming languages. Professionals are rapidly moving into the world of Go. This makes it easy to find developers for your Go-based apps.

Less worry about the app crashing

Go uses multiple cores. It also uses all the processor resources properly. This makes it perfect for apps running in the background as a single process.

Go-based apps are easy to support

Go code has neat and clear syntax. To learn Go requires only a little effort. This means that your regular developer can learn everything they need to know within a few days. Thus, allowing them to provide support to your existing app.

Enhanced performance and a bigger audience for your app

Go does not require interpretation. Just like C++ or C, it is a compiled language. In the same vein, the lack of an interpreter releases more power. This helps give a Go-built app an enhanced performance. Equally, Go can properly manage and allocate memory. An app with top performance will be surely appreciated by users.

Additionally, Go-built apps are not very demanding considering system requirements. This is beneficial to users with older devices as they can also enjoy your apps.

Use Go for a wide variety of apps

Golang can solve a lot of problems as it is a very flexible language. It can be used to create solutions for network and system programming, machine learning, video and audio editing, big data, and more.

What is Golang good for?

Go is perfect if you are looking to develop and improve your app’s underlying services. Beyond that, the Go programming language is appropriate for high-performance, scalable apps. Some services and apps that enjoy the benefits of Golang are listed below:

On-demand services

Go is perfect for companies that provide on-demand services. For example, Uber, the taxi giant uses Go. They needed to improve map processing speeds as geofence lookups were loaded by people. People were sending thousands of queries every second. Golang helped Uber lower the timing of providing services to their users significantly.

Cloud services

Google, being the creator of Golang, uses it to provide cloud infrastructure. Go offers scalability and top performance to the Google Cloud Platform. Other well-known cloud organizations that use Go for similar reasons include Docker, Terraform, Dropbox, and Kubernetes.

Media platforms

Platforms such as Netflix, SoundCloud, and YouTube use Go to handle high loads and traffic on their sites. Some use Golang to deploy selected internal services embedded in their complex projects.

News outlets

Some news outlets use Go for some elements in their internal analytics services and backend development. For instance, BBC started using Go as far back as 2012.

Who uses Golang?

Relatively, Go can be considered to be a young programming language. However, it has become increasingly popular among major businesses such as Netflix, YouTube, Google, BBC, Uber, and others. These companies scale their products and reach high performance using Go. Golang is rapidly changing for the best. It keeps providing additional tools for the development of web and mobile applications. This has remarkably reduced the costs and time to develop and support apps.

What Differentiates Golang from other programming languages

Golang was specifically created to eliminate the difficulties and lack of pace involved with programming software and server systems that are large and scalable. Go was designed to offer the following solutions:

  • enhance documentation and code readability,
  • provide thorough and consistent language,
  • Support concurrency and multithreading,
  • eliminate the need to work with different language subsets for a single project
  • enable the program’s easy versioning,
  • support the easy maintenance of dependencies,
  • quick compilation and execution,
  • provide unmatched simplicity,
  • support development using multiple languages,
  • empower the hardware from within,
  • provide an in-built framework for profiling and testing,
  • provide an easy learning curve.


It is no surprise that within a few years, Golang has received such a wide, general acceptance and vast following from numerous developers worldwide. This is due to it being an enormous value addition to the programming and design of complex applications.

Overall, Golang is great for programming underlying large-scale enterprise software systems and performance-enabled hardware systems.

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