18th April 2021
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There are plenty more fish in the sea... What should you expect from software agency?

Przemyslaw Potoczny

Przemysław Potoczny

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  • A quest for the golden fleece
  • Understanding your vision
  • Offer - scope and method of cooperation
  • Discovery

A quest for the golden fleece

While checking and searching on the internet, we are nervously looking for someone who could help us. We have various doubts because:

  • we have little time, and the decision has to be made and then explained, even if not to the management board, to yourself,
  • the money to be spent is not small, so the responsibility (pressure) grows,
  • and how can you trust someone when "there are plenty more fish in the sea"? Getting to know the future partner and the data collected on the subject that we can measure him or her in general. The latter is easy to evaluate because it is about: years, social proof in the form of references. These are important elements. The judgment, however, the data collected in this way is a good start to the still dispassionate, dry statistical information. Software House Searching Adventure

So what is missing?

Well, there is no direct relationship. You can testify that only during the meeting. Although you will be touching feelings and emotions, you should approach the tasks methodically. Organizing what we learn. Testing the suitability and results of a given software customization company to our needs and finally to ourselves is a process. A process to be reviewed with caution. It is not too complicated, but there are some points to consider.

How to do it?

You need to write a task checking if your future partner can tell about it:

  • why does he do what he does?
  • how he does his job?
  • and what it can be for you?

It's a good start (and maybe even a good end) because it lets you know who we are dealing with. Is it contact with someone who sounds like they were reading marketing message from a script, or words supported by engaged people interested in your way of business attitude. Once you confirm to yourself that it's worth a try, it's time to…

Understanding your vision

The fact of understanding seems to be obvious, but is it always confirmed? This is a particularly sensitive moment for the success of your project - digital transformation. Software engineers who are part of the cognitive team must understand what your business is and how it works. Everything important for this point will certainly happen in the initial phase - the phase of talks and meetings. Yes. The development of technology has sped up everything in the implementation of all processes, and yet nothing can replace the relationship with another human being. It is still and will be important for "purchasing and business relations". So if your answer is yes, then you can go ahead and hear how the software development team sees collaboration.

Understanding your vision

Offer - scope and method of cooperation

This point should be fairly transparent. It should contain at least a few areas relevant to the quality and effectiveness of future cooperation:

  • outline of the plan - definition of initial stages
  • time range estimates
  • determination of personnel resources for the optimal implementation of software development striving for the optimal solution
  • roughly identifying the cost level
  • describe the cooperation after the creative process and the sale of the project

Information on the above-mentioned will allow you to be sure whether the people who talk to you want the best for your idea i.e. whether they propose solutions based on transparent and effective processes leading through the optimal path. That means the less bumpy road and at the same time as short as possible. If you are satisfied with this stage, you can calmly proceed to the next stage, which is building the foundations for your solution.


Discovery stage

This is the stage where you go down to the details. Details related to the structure of your project implementation as well as details of establishing the entire toolkit, starting from:

  • a team structure that maintains both a business relationship and a engineering knowledge that will turn your ideas into a real product
  • a detailed vision of the product that is to achieve strictly defined business goals while maintaining the client's needs, defining the Buyer Persona, both external and internal, defining the path that this client follows
  • the way of communication and presentation of individual stages of production

You've roughly walked the path to know that this team is willing to go and not another. In the end, of course, there is product development, but this part lies deeply in the competencies of the team that you initially assessed as the one with whom it is worth starting talks. Such a cognitive path will allow you to satisfy the need to be sure about the optimal and correctness of your choice. It does not give a guarantee, but it is a good enough plan to bring the matter safely from start to finish, i.e. the final product, which is a well-working business.

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