9th April 2021
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Did pandemic accelerate digital transformations and why it is good for your business? Trends and expectations in 2021.

Przemyslaw Potoczny

Przemysław Potoczny

Digital transformation opportunities
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  • Digital transformation - business attitude
  • What digital transformation gives to your business?
  • Will you dare not to take that journey?

Digital transformation - business attitude

Mentioned pandemic scratched a lot in terms of our activity. Democratically it “touched” every one of us and also each kind of business. Some of them suffered or are still suffering but some of them increased their presence, market share, or turn-overs.

Why are they successful?

Despite the business category mainly because they were ready to act in a different way than traditional offline customer service or offline product presence. Pandemic only accelerated processes that are necessary to survive. According to the Polish sentence: “if you don't learn, you don't develop” most of us search for solutions that let us be ahead of competitors. Therefore, tailored software comes to the rescue, which allows us to develop many areas of our enterprises' activity, thus enabling them to be at the forefront of this endless race and fight for the customer's favor.

Here you can find some hints based on market analysis statistics which like numbers are always honest (according to ones of TV series hero – British prime minister Harold Wilson “The Crown”)

Tab.1. Industry overview and manager’s opinions

tab1_industry_overview.PNG Source: AIMultiple.com: 85+ Digital Transformation Stats from reputable sources [2021]

What digital transformation gives to your business?

What can you achieve thanks to your ideas, determination, possibilities, and what can be strengthened by digital transformation opportunities? There are no limits at all. First check what few areas can be influenced by such attitude:

  • Customer experience (mentioned in Brand reputation article)
  • Operational efficiency (i.e. web development)
  • Process automation
  • Omnichannel presence – multi-customer contact points (i.e. mobile applications)
  • Faster reaction on "customer’s moods"
  • Faster & more effective product to market delivery
  • Elastic switching in customer point of contact (due to external limitations - lockdown regulations)
  • Time to market - which generally means that every idea has a huge chance to land in the customer’s awareness field before it gets stocks or will be offered as a service

Tab.2. CEO's top three priorities to help business preserve through the current Covid–19 disruption?

tab3_CEOs_top_priorities.PNG Source: Statista.com: Given the current state of the business what are the CEO's

Will you dare not to take that journey?

Mentioned above sources showing directions to inevitable development because otherwise, you can expect to be witness to self-fading businesses – “you shall not pass” to the future. As a counterweight of it take a look at what effects you can achieve using your determination and will of business surviving.

Tab. 3. Tangible business impact


Source: deloittedigital.com: Close the expectations gap in B2B

Software house software development services which role is to support full lifetime product support can deliver proper values promising better business position, a way more scalable opportunities in grabbing future & market share, satisfying customer experience making him feel unique and important and what finally and usually finishes with earning money. Overall: it definitely supports building brand reputation.

Of course, as a software development company our business attitude and responsibility in being a Partner of you is much more complex than only fulfilling tech expectations of a product.

We see it as a necessary and obligatory understanding of your business. None of the product we make (i.e. app development, web development or any other software customization) cannot survive without background understanding. So that your client's journey from beginning to end is realized following his expectations and supporting him at many different moments.

Regardless of the type of business, we believe that our goal is to help.

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