29th June 2021
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Advantages Of Business Automation

Przemyslaw Potoczny

Przemysław Potoczny

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  • How Business Process Automation improves enterprises
  • Adopting Business Automation – What can be Automated?
  • Benefits of Business Process Automation
  • Implementing Business Automation the Smart Way

How Business Process Automation improves enterprises

With the rapid improvement in automation technologies, businesses can now safely incorporate these technologies into their organizations to serve useful different purposes without any worry. Adopting business automation technologies can help improve productivity, minimize errors, lower costs, improve customer satisfaction, reduce delays, and increase agility. All of these seems to be inseparable elements of the digital transformation process that we wrote about in this article on importance of digital transformation

Adopting Business Automation – What can be Automated?

1. Business Process Automation (BPA)

Adopting technology to execute recurring tasks to increase efficiency, minimize cost, and streamline workflow. Examples are request forms, invoicing, travel authorization, etc.

2. Chatbots

With chatbots, you can offer around-the-clock customer service, increase efficiency, provide instant access to information, and most importantly, provide an outstanding customer experience.

3. eCommerce and Marketing Automation

Improving the acquisition and retention of customers by providing timely support for collected and processed customer data. This helps in sending the right message at the right time and in the right place. Examples are chatbots, email marketing software, and CRM system.

4. Inventory Management Automation

Link your eCommerce website with your supplier’s system such that it automatically edits, transfers, deletes, and adds product information. This ensures product availability and data updates in real-time, thus, reducing canceled orders or backorders and improves the overall shopping experience.

5. Robotic Process Automation

Automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks that add little value to the business. Examples include transferring files, data entry, copy-pasting, etc.

Benefits of Business Process Automation

Applying business automation will entail some IT investment in setting up the technology and standardizing the processes. It is important to take note of the areas where automation can produce the maximum ROI for your company. This will help in prioritizing resources effectively.

Below are some vital benefits of business automation:

1. Accuracy

Technologies such as algorithms and software programs remove the possibility of human error. Irrespective of how diligent or smart a person is, there will always be a slight chance of error, and this usually requires extra effort (reviews) to rectify such error. As a result of this, a lot of errors are unnoticed until they start causing issues. With automation, such problems can be avoided. Equally, entire processes can be made simpler when automation is deployed. Businesses can switch to applications and software for productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

2. Increased Productivity

Automation can exponentially increase the efficiency of your business by reducing the time spent on performing mundane tasks. This does not imply that automation improves all kinds of productivity. However, this technology performs well when it is used for repetitive and tedious tasks

3. Save Money even when you are resting

The human body demands rest. At some point, you may need to stop managing your operations physically even if it’s just to give your body some much-deserved rest. This restraint does not apply to automated systems. You can set your system to run from morning till night, round the clock, endlessly, without getting tired.

4. Identify Unused Resources

A good business process automation (BPA) will help in detecting resources that are under-utilized or even unused, such as devices left unused by departing employees. BPA enables you to detect and repurpose resources that have been left unused.

5. Reduce the Cost of Labor

Business automation helps in reducing the number of workers required to handle tasks. This in turn lessens your overhead and increases your profitability. You are also able to focus on the quality of your employees rather than quantity. This helps in hiring better talent to help grow your business.

6. Increase employee satisfaction

Automation helps rationalize the experience of your employees and make sure that their requests and needs are met on time. For instance, forms workflow can be facilitated to handle leave management, vacation request forms, expense and travel reimbursement, and so on.

7. Facilitate New Business Channels

Automation enables you to establish and maintain support and sales infrastructure in areas where it would have been impossible to manage with just human resources. An example of this is online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and so on – with automation, they can provide support and sell just about anything anywhere.

8. Provide a Reliable Customer Experience

Automation allows you to standardize processes like order processing, marketing, post-sale support, and shipment. This will help in building trust by delivering a steady customer experience that meets the expectations of your customers.

9. Guarantee Compliance

When you automate your processes, you can make sure that your employees are working with specific procedures that conform to industry regulations and standards. You can also ensure that necessary criteria are met by incorporating instructions into the workflow management.

10. Improve Marketing ROI

You can optimize your budget and get better results with marketing automation. It helps you analyze, process, and organize huge customer data to implement personalization strategies. This is crucial in improving marketing results and sales over time.

11. Adopt Remote Workforce

The rise in the use of remote staff is helping several businesses have access to the expertise and talent they need while reducing their overhead (e.g., office space, rent, equipment, etc.) Automation enables internal processes such that workers do not have to be at the same place to work seamlessly.

12. Adjust to Market Demand

With automation comes agility and scalability. You can easily handle changes in market conditions as you don’t need to hire additional workers to deal with fluctuations in order volume or customer demand.

13. Enhance Collaboration

Automation enhances seamless collaboration by helping you track your project process, communicate milestones and key dates, and keep team members informed with the latest files, data, or project status.

Implementing Business Automation the Smart Way

It is important to have clear strategies to guide your implementation. They are summarized thus: -Identify key areas to focus your resources and attention by having clear long- and short-term business objectives.

  • Collect data on your current processes to identify and prioritize workflows that can profit most from automation (such as repetitive tasks done manually without adding much value).
  • Analyze and enhance the processes to make sure that they are cost-efficient before standardizing and automating the workflow. You will only be magnifying the inefficiency if you automate a sub-optimal process.
  • Finally, it is vital to choose the right tools for the task. This will help you meet your business requirements and stay within budget. There are simple tools that do not require a lot of resources and time to implement yet they return high ROIs.

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