11th April 2021
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Brand reputation by customer experience. How software development strengthens CX.

Przemyslaw Potoczny

Przemysław Potoczny

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  • What is brand reputation and why Customer Experience may help
  • CX - what to be aware off
  • Customer Experience ecosystem guidelines
  • Why Customer Satisfaction is important - summary

What is brand reputation and why Customer Experience may help

To put it simply: each of us makes decisions. Those relating to relationships with another person, purchase of products or services. We undertake them based on our own experiences and opinions, as well as those that we obtain from our relatives or friends as well as well-known authorities. Thanks to such shaped preferences, we go out into the world making choices that either make us stronger or discourage us from proven solutions.

If for some reason our current "supplier" fails our expectations, and the level of frustration proves to be too high, our subsequent decisions in a given matter will most likely result in a change of choice.

In such an inconspicuous way, we approach the subject of this article, i.e. shaping the brand's reputation, e.g. a favorite grocery store, hairdresser, pizza supplier, electronics store, actor, singer, etc.

How these experiences connect with the theme of software development, digital transformation is briefly below.

Tab.1. Customers about CX

customers_about_CX.JPG Source: Blog Edesk.com

CX - what to be aware off

The definition of brand reputation is more often associated with crises that result in a significant imbalance in the position and trust in the company. An item that is often built for many years. But what is obvious is also in the sets of the smaller scale like:

  • daily operational reliability,
  • credibility,
  • reliability,
  • resistance to overload situations (e.g. BlacFriday, BoxingDay, Single's Day sales, etc.),
  • efficient after-sales service, etc.

Tab2. How we see CX future

how_we_see_CX_future.JPG Source: Ultimate.ai

These are various departments that build the foundations of cognition and a good image in everyday toil. It happens day after day, month after month, year after year and they are the ones that help in softening or eliminating the mishaps at critical moments:

  • incorrect calculation of bills,
  • poorly designed heavy website,
  • data leakage,
  • unreliability and poor sales throughput,
  • inefficient hotline, etc.

Customer Experience ecosystem guidelines

Tab3. Areas to be considered as most important in investment

CX_investments_reasons.JPG Source: Superoffice.com

There are many examples. In each of them, the IT systems plays a direct or indirect role, which in the case of an insufficiently well-prepared designing process may affect whether the client will come back to us or not.

If the software system is well designed, thought out, open to further development and is scalable, it will certainly help to avoid one of the above-mentioned unwanted cases that translate directly into the financial result.

"You never know what awaits us" - this maxim should be guided all the time when planning and running a business. So, since we know that dependencies do not bypass anyone, how do we try to minimize the effects of mishaps?

A healthy, transparent, friendly, and easy-to-understand business ecosystem should be built. Technically it means digital transformation and software development. Such supported ecosystem with a part visible to the user, but also with an invisible part, running the processes and mechanisms that are the backbone of a business venture. Of course, this intention does not boil down to the IT system only, but due to the specificity of our work - software house - we will focus on this part. So what is he supposed to be?

Why Customer Satisfaction is important - summary

So what is it supposed to be?:

  • a system that collects and processes all important information, thanks to which our business functions,
  • a modern system - fast,
  • a system visually well designed for the internal and external user (UI/UX),
  • a secure system,
  • a scalable software system,
  • a system tailored to our needs (customized software),
  • a system that learns who our customer is, what causes it and how, or at what point abandons the cognitive path leading him through the sales funnel (CRM),
  • a system that will be efficient in the aforementioned critical situations testing its performance and throughput.

Tab.4. Why to invest in Customer Satisfaction.

business_development_factors_consideration.JPG Source: Superoffice.com

As you can see, we - entrepreneurs have a lot of responsibility for what we do, however, the main emphasis caused by the expectations of customers is how we deal with our business - customers. The pressure is even greater because, apart from our clients, it connects our activities with our team - associates. For each of these groups, we must do as much as possible to maintain their faith and trust in what we do to satisfy their needs. Thanks to this, we keep both of them with us, deriving satisfaction from it and gaining energy for further activities.

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